Alain Mouttham, PhD



Alain Mouttham holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science (specialty Health Informatics) from the University of Ottawa and a MSc from Stanford University. He works on the organizational and clinical transformation required in the continuum of healthcare, as well as in information systems for clinical and operational decision-making. Prior to joining the healthcare industry, Alain was an executive in High Technology at multinationals (Hewlett-Packard, Nortel), as well as a founder of startups, in the Silicon Valley, France, England and Canada.

Research Interests:

  • Clinical Decision Support Systems and Clinical Operations Support Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence, Deep Machine Learning, Big data from Electronic Health Records and Medical Devices
  • Innovations in healthcare models and organizational transformation of hospitals

Current Research:

At the Montfort hospital, the newly announced Center for Clinical Excellence in Multimorbidity is a strategic priority. Our research team has been mandated and funded to explore what new health services in Multimorbidity the Center should offer, and how to best deliver them. Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) play a critical role in this.

Our research is done first on Artificial Intelligence-based CDSS which support clinicians in implementing Multimorbidity guidelines and facilitate care planning for patients with Multimorbidity. We then apply Deep Machine Learning techniques combined with Big Data from the Electronic Health Records, and Data Streams from medical monitoring devices, to predict the emergence of diseases in Multimorbidity clusters or predict an exacerbation event when monitoring patients, such that to provide personalized and preventive care. This is followed with the development of prototypes of such CDSS which will be validated in pilot projects undertaken jointly with the hospital clinicians and health professionals.


Funding opportunity :

We are currently looking for Post-Doc Fellows to join our research team. Guidelines for application can be found at the following address, in the section “Postdoctoral Fellowships – Multimorbidity (2 positions)”:



Main address:
745A Montreal Road, suite 202
Ottawa (ON) K1K 0T1

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