Aurélien Delluc

Clinical Researcher


Dr. Aurélien Delluc, MD, PhD, is a professor of medicine and a scientific clinician in the Department of Medicine, Division of Hematology at the University of Ottawa. He was born and completed his academic training in France.
Appointed as Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Western Brittany in France, his research interests focused on the epidemiology of thromboembolic venous disease, the links between arterial thrombosis and venous thrombosis and the association between cancer and disease thromboembolic venous. He has continued his research activity in the field of venous thromboembolic disease since his arrival in Ottawa. He is particularly interested in fragile populations suffering from thromboembolic venous disease or exposed to anticoagulant drugs. He regularly submits manuscripts for publication in scientific journals specializing in thrombosis.

  • Venous thromboembolic disease


General Hospital, box 201A
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613-737-8899 ext 78084