Lyne Pitre

Clinical Researcher


Dr. Lyne Pitre obtained her MD from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Master’s degree in Medical Education and a Certificate of Leadership in Medical Education. Before pursuing her medical studies, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Biology at the University of Ottawa. For almost 20 years Dr. Pitre was the Director of the Family Medicine Program at the Montfort Hospital.

Currently Dr. Pitre is Director of Medical Education at the Institut du Savoir Montfort (ISM), and has been Vice-President of the Montfort Hospital Association of University Physicians (AMUHM) since 2017.

Her research interests are centred around evaluation and improving the quality of feedback. Dr. Pitre is committed to the training of new francophone physicians.For more than 20 years, as a physician member of the Francophone Affairs Department of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, Dr. Pitre has been involved in training new Francophone preceptors.


University of Ottawa
Faculty of Medicine
451 Smyth Rd., Room 2045
Ottawa (ON) K1H 8M5